5 Steps To Plan A Budgeted Birthday Party And Still Have Fun

Birthdays are a special occasion and it is very exciting to plan parties, especially for the kinds. Most of the parents go over board and spend a fortune on such parties. But do you know we can plan a budgeted birthday party for our kids and still have fun? Today, there is a trend of extravagance, be it weddings, birthday celebrations or any other occasion, but the question is whether we really need so much of pomp show for each of the event?

I am a big fan of simple parties, especially birthday parties. Call me old fashioned, but even today I like how birthdays were celebrated when we were kids. A bunch of friends, simple cake, some wafers, a glass of Rasna and that’s it. The gifts received by the birthday girl/boy were very minimalist in value yet gave great happiness. And return gifts were even more minimal, perhaps just a pencil or something. But things have changed today. It seems, there is always a competition about who celebrates kids birthday in a more grand way and the charm of simplicity is replaced by glamour.
So, in this world of best of the best, how can you arrange simple birthday parties and yet have fun? 

1. Venue: Home parties are the best. Saves a huge amount of money we pay as rentals. If the house is not big enough to accommodate the guests, check if you can use common areas like club house or terrace  or open garden of your residential complex. 

2. Decoration: DIYs are the best bet. Involve your kids in DIY decorations like blowing balloons, rainbow strips, birthday hanging etc. Many tutorial videos are available on youtube for the same. If it is not feasible to DIY, you can procure the decoration material at dirt cheap rates from local markets like Crowford Market in Mumbai, Municipal markets in every locality. You just need to step out and find the right shops. Often, these materials are priced higher on shopping portals and websites.

3. Limited Food spread: Considering the fact that kids are mostly picky eaters and never finish the full plate of food, limit the food spread to only kids friendly items and restrict the number to maximum 3 snacks, accompanied by cake and a drink. Monginis, Merwans and other cake shops provide very good options for snack boxes starting from Rs40. My favorite combo is from Monginis, A veg wrap, 2 cookies, a packet of potato shells, cake slice and frooti. This box costed me 40 Rs. The selction would depend really on the age group of kids. If the kids are older, you may want to add more snacks to the box. This is a very economical and zero – wastage way to manage food at home birthday parties.

4. Return Gifts: I am a big advocate of useful gifts. My all time favorite and budget friendly and of course very useful are the school stationery items. You can do a lot of mix and match with these and make great hampers yourself. Kids often lose these items or finish them very fast since these are the most used items everyday hence, getting them as return gifts are always welcome. You can also consider other not so expensive items like fancy cloth bags, a plant or a sapling etc. You can check the wholeseller shops for procuring these at a rate lesser than MRP.

5. Birthday Cake: Well, that’s the most expensive part of the birthday party. These days we get such a great variety of cakes that it is very difficult to make a choice. Also, the mainstream commercial cakes are very expensive. The best way is to bake a cake yourself or get it from a home baker. Home bakers give you a great taste and quality at a rate much lesser than a branded cake shop. Check out google for home bakers available near your area and you shall be amazed to see the art and love these guys put in to make your birthday cakes special.
So what are you waiting for? Get set go! Go find out some wholesellers in your locality so that you can plan return gifts in advance. Find some home bakers and take your time to check their work. Try your hand at some DIY decorations. The joy that you will receive from doing and planning these things on your own shall be a lot more rather than an even management company doing it. Also, kids will always remember your efforts to make their day special. Go ahead and try a budgetd party for a change and see how do you enjoy that.

How do you like to celebrate birthdays of your children? How do you arrange parties for them. Do share your experiences in the comments section.

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